Dianchi Lake

Dian Lake
The Dianchi Lake, also known as Kunming Lake, is praised as "the Pearl of the Plateau". It is the sixth largest fresh water lake in China and lies at the foot of Western Hills. The lake covers some 300 square kilometers and extends some 40 kilometers from north to south. The lake has water capacity of 15, 7 hundred million cubic meters. Dian Lake is surrounded by hills on four sides with the Jinma Hill in the east, Biji Hill in the west, Heshan Hill in the south and (Sheshan Hill) Snake Hill in the north. The area on the lake shore is fertile with comfortable weather condition, abundant rivers for irrigation.

Dian Lake
Dian Lake has a long history. In the Warrior Period, a Dian State was built in this region. Dian Lake with crystal clean water, ripple lake surface, boats sailing on the lake looks like a glittering pearl set on a mountain basin and reflects the surrounding mountains the blue sky. The area around the Dian Lake is clustered with sights of either beautiful scenery or rich cultural heritage. These include the Nanyun Nationalities Villages, West Hills, and Grand View Park.

The west side of Dianchi Lake is the mountain forest, while on the east side is lands dotted with the fisheries and agribusinesses. Traditional fishing boats still sail on the lake, hooking and netting. Taking a boat to voyage between the blue sky and the green water, breathing the fresh air and viewing the birds flying just at your side, what an enjoyable, light-hearted and free moment it is!

When the weather is fine, there are white flocculent or massive clouds floating in the cerulean sky, the cyan water waves under the golden sunshine and the surrounding mountains reflect their silhouettes on the water. If you take a walk on the lake shore you will feel intoxicated by the beautiful landscape. The most beautiful view of Dianchi Lake appears at dawn and sunset, the refraction of the ethereal rays glitter on the water surface just like thousands of silver fishes swimming and playing. At night, when the breeze is fleeting over the water and the world is brimming over with hazy moonlight, Dianchi Lake lies in silence and breathes in peace like a sleeping beauty.

The ocean-like Dianchi Lake is the best place to go for those people who wish to get away from the bustling city and be close to the nature. Facing such a beautiful and capacious place, one may forget everything even he, the only thing left is the amazing scenery before you.

The rising waves and the fishing boats, and the reflection on the water of the surrounding mountains combine to produce an intoxicating landscape. Various scenic spots look like grains of pearls inlaid on the 150 kilometer-long periphery of the lake, earning it the prestige as a "Crystal Pearl" in the plateau.