Jilin, a province abbreviated as "Ji", is located in the center of northeast China by Songhua Lake, adjacent to countries as Russia and Korea in the southeast. Its name means "By the River" in the Manchu, Mongol, Xibo and other ethic peoples. Changchun is the provincial capital.

Topographically, Jilin is high in the southeast and low in the northwest, with a plain in its western part. The Changbai Mountain, rising in the southeastern part of the province, is 1000 meters above sea level in average altitude. The famous 900-kilometer-long Songhua River raises from the Tianchi Lake on the White-Headed Mountain. Yalu and Tumen River, both rising from the Changbai Mountain, is the Boundary Rivers between China and Korea.

Major cities of Jilin include "the Auto City"—Changchun, the famous historical and cultural cities of Jilin and Ji'an, and Yanji, capital of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. Main tourist spots in the province area Changbai Mountain, Tainchi Lake, Songhua Lake, Jingyue Pool, Puppet State's Imperial palace, Motion Picture City, and so on.

Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve
Lying in southeastern Jilin Province, the junction of China and Korea, Changbai Mountain is famous for its beautiful scenery and rich resources of animals and plants. The main peak, Baitou (White-Headed) Peak, is 2691 meters above sea level. Covering a total of 2000 square kilometers, Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve, a mammoth natural zoo and botanical garden, is part of the UNESCO's Man and Biosphere Program. Peaks, sea of forests, Tianchi Lake, waterfalls and hot spring are local natural wonders.

Jingyue (Clear Moon) Pool Park
15 kilometers southeast from Changchun downtown and 150 square kilometers in area, it is one of the largest artificial forests in Asia and a national forest park where the ecological system is well protected. The place, with a total of 86 peaks, has become a scenic resort where holidaymaker goes for sightseeing, recuperating, recreation, and other purposes. The 4.3-square-kilometer Jingyue Pool is regard as a "sister" to Taiwan's Riyue (Sun and Moon) Pool.

Rimed Trees in Jilin
The rimed trees of Jilin are extolled as one of four major natural wonders of China along with the landscape of Guilin, the Stone Forest of Yunnan, and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. In winter, the Songhua River keeps flowing through Jilin despite the subfreezing temperature, and the vapor rising from the surface of the river freezes when it meets the branches of pines and willows ashore. Thus encrusted with layers upon layers of ice, the tree branches and twigs look transparent and form a spectacular crystal world.

Tainchi Lake of Changbai Mountain
Tainchi Lake, or the Heavenly Lake, with an elevation of 2194 meters, is the highest volcanic lake in China. Almost 10 square kilometers in area and 204 meters in are rage depth; it marks the boundary of China and Korea. Skirted on all sides by mountains, the lake is known for its sublime natural beauty.