Transportation of Jiayuguan

Jiayuguan has in recent years rapidly become a transport hub only slightly less important than the provincial capital Lanzhou or Dunhuang. The city can now conveniently be accessed either by air, railway or bus.

Jiayuguan Airport is located in the city's northeast, 12 km from the city. Airlines to Dunhuang City, Lanzhou City, Urumqi City and Xi'an City are available. There are five weekly flights from Lanzhou and Dunhuang to Jiayuguan, not flying on Tuesday and Saturday. There are also infrequent flights to Xi'an (RMB1, 180) and Urumqi. For detailed information, go to the CAAC office at 4-3 Xinhua Nanlu in town, to the south of the Jiayuguan Hotel, or call them at 0937-6226237. The airport is about 12km northeast of the city proper and a taxi should cost around RMB40. A cheaper choice is the CAAC bus, which meets every flight.

Traveling by train is also fairly convenient. The railway station is just 5km from the city center, a RMB10 ride by taxi or a mere RMB1 ride by mini bus No.1 from Xinhua nanlu. The Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway line traverses the city proper. There are nine passenger trains passing through the city, which can carry you to Urumqi city, Lanzhou city, Beijing city, Shanghai city, Zhengzhou city, Chengdu city and Xi'an city. Besides these cities in China, the trains, going through the Europe-Asia Continental Bridge and passing the Alashan Pass in Xinjiang, can take you further, to Russia and other northern European countries. The daily train to Lanzhou City is very convenient, starting off in the evening and arriving at Lanzhou in the morning.

The Jiayuguan Railway Station is an important one in the Lanzhou to Xinjiang Railway. It is at the Yingbing Road, about 5 km from the downtown area of the city.

The 312 National Highway, linking Lanzhou in the east and Urumchi in the west, goes across the district of Jiayuguan City. The road is wide with even road surface. The total distance of highways within the district is 452 km. There are highways extending northwards to the port to Mongol and southwards to Gulmud City in Qinghai Province. To Jiuquan City, it takes only half an hour by bus; and to Dunhuang City, it takes six hours and a half.

Local Transportation

The city area is not large and there are only 3 bus lines. All the buses run from the railway station to the Northern Long-distance Bus Station. The bus fare is one Yuan no matter where you get off. The buses are marked with A, B or C.

The scenic spots are close to the city area. Presently there is no bus which goes to the scenic spots. For travelers, they need to take taxi to these places. There are several hundreds of taxies and you can easily find one at a hotel, a restaurant, or a store.