Entertainment in Jiayuguan

The night life in Jiayuguan is colorful. After sunset, people can enjoy their colorful nightlife in the places of entertainment in Jiayuguan downtown..

Generally, drinking local beer, eating skewers and playing drinking games are very popular in the night market. And travelers will satisfy at finding bars, Karaoke and night clubs there. Around Xinhua Zhong Lu in Jiayuguan, there are many small bars in different levels of quality. Most are kosher bars, some are business leisure bars. It would be better for customers to check about which one suits them beforehand. There are saunas and Medical Massages in the top-class hotels also for helping to relax customers after a whole day? tiredness. As well this city offers song and dance halls, card rooms, cafes, hairdressing salons, billiard rooms, gymnasiums and other facilities for entertainments for people. All of them are famous for their elegant and fully equipped environment and considerate services.

The consumption levels of these places are according to the guests' economic circumstances and their tastes, so travelers can choose any kind of nightlife as they like. Generally speaking, those kinds of entertainment places operate to 3 a.m. of the next day.