Tunxi Old Street

Tunxi Ancient Street, Huangshan
Tunxi Ancient Street, located at the center of Tunxi District of Huangshan City, has been the distribution center of south Anhui Province knowing for the production of green tea and ink. It is the witness of the flourish of Anhui merchant's for a period of time.

The Old Street is 1.5 kilometers long and 7 meters wide. There are long lines of shops along two side of the street. They are all made of brick and wood and have double floors. All these houses in Huizhou style overflow a rush of strong archaic charm. Although the shops in the old street are not very large, they are relatively deep. A special structure is formed that shop is in the front and workshop is at the back, shop is in the front and storehouse is at the back, or shop is in the front and household is at the back. So the old street seems to be older.

Tunxi, Huangshan
There are tens of old and famous shops in the old street. The Tongderen was a Chinese traditional medicine shop. It was established in the second year of the Tongzhi Period of the Qing dynasty, with a history of over 120 years. Qimen black tea and Tunxi green tea which are famous in the world mostly distribute in Tunxi. All kinds of Anhui ink stick and Sehxian ink stone can be found there. Products of "Huizhou Four Carvings" (brick, wood, stone and bamboo), Chinese painting in Anhui style, print, rubbing from a stone inscription, Goldstone seal cutting, Chinese pot gardening and root carving can be seen here and there.. It's regarded as an art gallery of  excellent national culture. The charm of the old street absorbs the show field. So far, over 100 movie works have been shot in the old street. Insiders of the show field regard it as the live "Qingming Shang He Tu" (a famous picture).

The old street has become a distribution center of tourist goods. There people can buy the best tourist souvenirs in all styles and with most reasonable price.

Opening Hours: Whole day
Admission Fee:  Free