Tangyue Memorial Archway

Tangyue Memorial Archway, Huangsha
The Complex of Seven Arches, built by the Baos, is located in Tangyue Village 6km west of Shexian County. These memorial archways wind their ways into a simple and elegant group. Three were built during the Ming Dynasty; the others were built during the Qing. All of them are in order of loyalty, filial piety, moral integrity and justice. The archway group is all made of green stones which are of good quality and produced in Shexian County. The skillful combinations between stones are astonishing. In addition, there are a large number of beautiful carvings in Hui style around the body of the arches. In recent years, it has been used as the backdrop for such films as 'A Dream of the Red Mansions' and 'Smoke Blocked Double-eave Roof', and it has become a world-famous tourist attraction.

These seven arches in turn are: the Baocanxiao Memorial Arch, the Cixiaoli Memorial Arch, the Jiexiao Memorial Arch of Wang, the wife of Baowenling, the Kindness Arch, the Jiexiao Memorial Arch of Wu, the second wife of Baowenyuan, the Baofengchang Dutiful Son Memorial Arch, and the Baoxiangxian Shangshu(a rank in ancient times in China) Memorial Arch. All these are memorial arches of Bao families of Tangyue village.

Behind every archway, there is a touching story. The most acknowledged stories are the ones of 'Ci Xiao Li Archway' (Filial Piety Archway) and the 'Jie Jin San Dong Archway' (Chastity Archway). The 'Ci Xiao Li Archway' was built in honor of Bao Sheyan and Bao Shousun (father and son). According to historical records, father and son were captured by a general, who wanted to execute one of them. Bao Shousun wanted to sacrifice his life to save his father, so he begged the general to behead him instead of his father. Whereas, the father was also a loving and caring father and wanted him to be executed rather than his son. Their action and love moved the general, who finally released them. Later, the court knew the fact and approved the construction of the archway in praise of their filial piety and self-sacrificial spirit.

The construction of 'Jie Jin San Dong Archway' was in praise of a stepmother who remained chaste while raising her stepchild after her husband died. According to historical record, a widow with the surname of Wu, who was the second wife of Bao Wen, lost her husband when she was 29. After her husband's death, she remained chaste and treated her stepchild as her own son. Wu died 31 years later. Her action touched the local officials, who made up their minds to erect an archway to honor her in spite of the convention that erecting an archway for a step-wife was prohibited. This touching story has been passed down from one generation to another in Tangyue Village.

Opening Hours:  08:00-18:00
Admission Fee:  CNY 50 

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