Transportations of Guilin

Guilin is a small city in China due to its location and population. Therefore the transportation system in Guilin is not as developed as that in the big cities. Here are several ways of traveling in Guilin.
Getting In & Away
Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is located in the western suburbs of the city, 28 kilometers away from the city proper. More than 40 air routes are in operation, from Guilin, people can fly to most of the main cities in China, and Fukuoka in Japan, Seoul in the South Korea and Bangkok in Thailand as well.
Guilin has two railway stations: the Guilin Station (South Station) and Guilin North Station. Except for K181 and K182 running between Shanghai and Kunming that only stop at the Guilin North Station, other trains stop at both of the two stations. Guilin does not play an important role in China's transportation system, it is not as convenient for train connections and tickets can be harder to get, though passengers can go from Guilin to the major cities in China by train. And there is rare tourist train available.
Express ways are available to the major cities around Guilin, such as Nanning, Liuzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou, etc.
Getting Around
It is very convenient to go around in Guilin by taxi. Just like most Chinese cites, taxis can be easily recognized because they will have a sign of Taxi on the top in Guilin. The starting rate of taking a taxi is 7 yuan plus 1 yuan for gas tax. Then the price will increase according to the kilometers that the taxi goes. Taxis are required to switch on the meter for all journeys, so always insist that the meter is used, unless taking a long trip out of town.
Bus is found easy, and very cheap, but for foreign travelers, the best chose is taxi.