Fubo Hill

Fupo Hill
Fubo (wave-subduing) Hill to the northeast of downtown Guilin by the Li River has the Xinxi Marquis Temple built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The title of Xinxi Marquis was given to Fubo General Ma Yuan, so the name of the mountain. Half of the graceful peak is in the river and the other half on land. During flood season turbulent currents lash the hill rocks. On top of the hill one will see exquisite scenery like a traditional Chinese painting

On the southern slope of the hill is Pearl-Returning Cave (Huangzhu dong). The legend about this cave says that once a fisherman entered the cave and saw an old man sleeping with a pearly by his side. The fisherman stole the pearl and took it home. Someone told him that the pearl belonged to the Dragon king and that he would get angry if the pearl was not return. Hence the cave is called Return the Pearly Cave.

Fubo Cave
Inside the "Return the Pearl" Cave, also known as Fubo Cave, there are the "Try the Sword" Rock, General Fubo is said to have tested his sword by cutting what was originally a stone pillar and has left a crevice at the bottom ever since.

At the end of the cave is Thousand-Buddha Cave. There are 250 Buddhist statues and more than 100 carved inscriptions of various periods. Most of the statues are works of Tang and Song dynasties. The 1,000-Buddha Crag (Buddha images carved on stone). Among the best carvings is a self-portrait of Mi Fu, a famous painter of the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Opening Hours: 07:10 to 18:30
Admission Fee: CNY 15