Entertainment in Guilin

Impression Liu Sanjie, a famous outdoor performance placing its setting in real natural mountains and rivers in Yangshuo County, this creation comes from the distinguished Chinese director Zhang Yimou. Hundreds of bamboo-made boats float on the liquid water, candle light sparkles with the moon and stars, thousands of people dressed in Chinese minority ethnic costumes hum a folk song. The hazy vision can bring you a fantastic experience that you can't forget all your life! Don?t miss it.
In Li River Folk Customs Center, Travelers can appreciate the ethnic customs, arts, cuisines and architecture. Enjoying the singing, dancing performance and ethnic costume show as well, you may find a memorable experience here.
Li River Ethnic Night is made up of Li River Night Cruise and Dancing in the Water Pavilion. The water pavilion is located at No.2 Dock, Binjiang Road on the west bank of Li River, next to the Li River Yinzuo Ferry. Travelers can watch the ethnic performance and then enjoy a cruise along the Li River.
Guishan Zhi Xiu (the Beauty of Guishan)
The performance features Guangxi customs and ethnic color, such as Zhuang, Miao, Dong and Yao ethnics. The themes cover Yao wedding dance, ethnic costume show and harvest dance. This elegant and passionate performance will refresh travelers from different cultural backgrounds.
This performance is in Minghua Palace, Guilin Hotel.
Huayuan Zhi Ye (Garden Night)
This is the largest dome architecture of organic glass in Asia. Performance of as many as 12 ethnics is put on here nightly. Performed live every evening at the Royal Garden Hotel, the "Garden Night Show" features live music and traditional Chinese songs and dances.
Haohua Zhi Ye (Luxury Night)
Travelers can taste unique delicacies of Lingnan Mountain styles and enjoy the folk acrobatics and performance. Its show us in Art Museum.

Guilin Plaza Hotel Karaoke Bar (No.20 Lijiang Road); Guilin Bravo Hotel Reed Flute Cowboy Bar (No.14 Ronghu Nan Road), The decoration here is original-walls, floors, chairs and tables are all made of wood, adorned with ox skull, horns, etc. Travelers can relax drinking wine and playing darts; Guilin Bravo Hotel VIP Nightclub (No. 14 Ronghu Nan Road), Karaok, small dance floor, wines and snacks are provided here; Mengbi Karaoke Nightclub (Zhengyang Road), this club is very popular due to its good location, elegant surroundings, quality performance and management. To dance or to watch show, travelers can surely find something interesting. It?s easy to get these bars by taxi.