West Thousand Buddhas Cave

Another historical scenic spot in Dunghuang city is the West Thousand Buddhas Cave.
West Thousand Buddhas Cave is a part of the Buddhism art system. From the Northern Wei Dynasty to Song Dynasty, there are 17 caverns. Among them, caves one to three are from the Tang Dynasty, and cave four to eighth are from Wei Dynasty. The 16th cave was built in the late Tang dynasty. There have difficulty in attempting to identify the time of the other caverns, mainly because there were no such records. But in a historical book titled "Sand State Governor's headquarters Chart ", the volume recorded that the west Thousand Buddhas Caves were built around the same time as Mogao Caves.

In the near 1000 years of existence, the West Thousand Buddhas Cave has endured nature and man-made destruction which has caused great damages to this ancient artistic treasure house. In recent years, under all levels of government's attention, works such as comprehensive restoration and cave reinforcements were undertaken. Since the restoration project began, the West Thousand Buddhas Cave has been well restored, and about 10 caverns are open to tourists.