Xizhou is 20 kilometres away from Dali Old Town. It is another great place to observe the typical Bai Minority folk culture and architecture. A characteristic Bai courtyard residence consists of rooms on three sides and a decorative screen wall on the south direction. These residence generally have carved beams, turned up eaves, with the splendid of their green, gold, blue and white paint.
Historically Xizhou is the essential place for military affairs during the period of Nanzhao Kingdom. Its industrial and commercial business was under well development; was one of the most important trading centre among Yunnan.
Xizhou is also home to embroidery and wax dying which can be used to make and decorate shoes, hats, clothing, tablecloths, tapestries and bed sheets. Have a walk in the Xizhou market, this bustling area show you all kinds of product from groceries and daily commodities to handicrafts etc. Yet, the most attracted point should be the experience of the traditional dressing of Bai minority women.
There are numerous Bai festivals are held in Xizhou, almost one major festival in each month. One of the most worth mentioning counts the "Three Spirits Festival" in April, while local youngsters gather together to choose their lovers and future spouses. During the festival, local people perform all manner of Bai folk dances by wearing their traditional costumes.