Foreigners Street

Foreigner Street
The ideal place for shopping in Dali must be Foreigner's Street (its Chinese name is Huguo Road) in the Ancient City of Dali. There are all kinds of ethical clothes, characteristic handicrafts and special local products from many places. Visitors from all corners of the world enjoy lunch alfresco sunshine served on a traditional Dali blue and white tie-dyed tablecloth. Local senior ladies dressed in traditional Bai costumes hawk antique silverware on the street, and upon entering the art gallery visitors are fascinated by abstract paintings that speak of the world, its peoples and the convergence of their lives and cultures. Foreign visitors usually stay here for at least six months, or until their pockets are empty, and only head backing to the West to earn enough money for their next stay. Local people are accustomed to their migratory habits.

This ancient street was once a vital communications hub where the population was dense. Many trade caravans gathered here and the markets were prosperous. The local government has given high priority to its preservation. So Dali Ancient City still remains its original looks.
Marble, which is of fine quality and has unique veins, has been quarried for more than 1,000 yeas since the Tang Dynasty. Tie dyeing of the Bai ethnic group is a time honored handicraft.
Wood carving in Jianchuan County, which known for its exquisite designs and multi-layer carving, is a 1,000-year-old traditional handicraft.

Exquisite workmanship and novel design, gold, silver and copper ornaments are matchless handicrafts of Bai People.

Other traditional handicrafts from the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture include embroidery, ink slabs, pottery, and porcelain.

And there are abundant antiques. There are so many things on Foreigner Street that you will find something what like.

Most of best restaurants get together in Ancient City, so you can find many restaurants to eat on the Foreign Street. These restaurants provide Chinese food and Western food. You can taste Yunan Cuisine and local food of Dai people. Three-Course Tea of Bai Ethnic Minority and Tibet Butter tea are specific tea which you should taste if you go to Foreigner’s Street.