Entertainment in Chongqing

In Chongqing, you can find numerous types of entertainment. To get close to the life of local people, take in some Sichuan Opera karaoke, where you can hear people excitingly chanting their favorite lines! Chongqing people are also fond of reading to expand their horizons, substantiated by the many book bars here with a relaxing environment and good books. Another annual happening is the International Travel Festival every year from May through June.

Chongqing is also not short of nightlife. Nanan Binjiang Lu generally has the best and liveliest bars. The Celtic Man offers up thick, molasses-like Guiness, and all you would expect from an Irish pub the world over. The Newcastle Arms serves proper McEwan's beer on tap. Dee Dee's bar is a favorite in Nanping, near the Holiday Inn. Noah's Ark is an atmospheric and cozy bar close to the Liberation Monument. The Jiangfangbei area is also the district where most bars are scattered. JJ's House Disco, on Bayi Lu, is the pick at the moment. Close by, the Silver Rock and Rainbow are also good choices.