Wolong Nature Reserve Center

Located in the southwest part of Wenchuan county, Sichuan province, the Wolong National Nature Reserve Center was firstly built in 1963, and it's the earliest built comprehensive nation level reserve area, mainly protecting the giant pandas and other rear wild animals alike and forest ecosystem. In 1980, it cooperated with Foundation of world wild animal and set up the reserve and protection center of giant pandas. Surrounded by mountains of height of over 5000 meters, it own a mild and relatively cooler climate with a yearly average temperature of 8.9C,and annual rain fall of 930mm,which is quite suitable for giant pandas' living. It's also taken as the scientific popularization education base and patriotism education base.

The reserve center travels through Wolong and Gengda counties, with a length of 62 km from north to south, and width of 52 km from east to west. it covers an area of 700,000 hectares. Over the years, the Wolong Nature Reserve focuses on building the national first-class nature reserve, adhering to the protection and rational use of the principle of active protection, scientific research, community building and other works, consisting mainly of giant pandas, other wild animals, plant resources and alpine ecology effective protection system. Since its establishment, through unremitting efforts, China Giant Panda Protection Research Center successfully overcome the three difficulties like "difficult estrus, difficult breeding pregnancy and difficult baby survivals" and artificially bred giant pandas 48 births , 72 individuals, with 59 survived, and achieved a five-year survival rate of 100 percent. There're totally captive giant pandas more than 80,occupying 60% of the world's captive population. Meanwhile, a contingent of the world's most dynamic giant panda research team was well trained accordingly. Eight academic works, over 200 research papers were published, four science and technology achievement awards were issued and five people awarded for outstanding scientific papers…Nowadays, the giant panda adoption activities are carried out world wide, the protected areas are actively seeking foreign cooperation and the establishment of cooperative development mechanism.

Plant Resources: Forest coverage rate is 108,000 hectares, about 56.7% of the whole nature reserve area; the complicated and changeable created the vast variety of the plant species and groups.

Animal Resources: there're 50 kinds of mammals, and 300 kinds of birds living in the reserve center. Besides, the reptile, the amphibian and the insects are also in this surrounding. The panda bears living here are about 10% of the total, and thus called the hometown of panda.

Wolong nature reserve center is the key project of china and would benefit people, nature and scientific research in a long run.