Transportation in Chengdu

Air: there are daily flights to almost everywhere within China. Internal destination include Beijing, dalian, shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming and xi'an.
Within Sichuan there are four flights a day to Jiuhuang Airport, the new air li,k for Jiuzhigou and Songpan in northern Sichuan.
International destinations include Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and Bangkok.
Aitline official in Chengdu include: Air China (Zhongguominhangl Tel: 8666 1100; 41 section 2, Renmin Nanlu); Sichuan Airline: (Tel: 8665 7163; Renmin Nanlu); Dragon Air (ganglong Hangkong Gongsi; Tel: 675 555 ext 6105; 31 Zongfu lu).

Bus: transport connections in chengdu are more comprethensive than in other parts of the southwest. High-speed expressways from Chengdu to both Chongqing and Leshan have cut down travel time sifnificantly.
Xinanmen Bus Station, next to the Traffic Hotel is the main bus station and has tickets to most places around Sichuan.
For Chongqing, the Wuguiqiao bus station, outside the 2nd ring road, has express buses leaving every half-hour from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm.

Train: almost all the hostels can book train tickets for you although they'll tag on a service charge of around 20 yuan. This might be useful if you are having troble obtaining some of the more popular tickets-like hard sleepers to Kunming-or if you simply van't be bothered to schlep up to train station.