Giant Panda Breeding Research Center

The giant panda is the animal that all people love, the symbol of peace and friendship, the sign of world protection of the variety of species.80% of the pandas in China are scattered in Sichuan area. With the bestowed natural conditions and resources, Sichuan has become an ideal place for the breeding of our national treasure-panda bears, and the breeding base has been attracting millions of visitors from home abroad all year round.

The giant panda breeding research base in Chengdu locates in Futou Mountain, 10 km away form the city center, which is linked up with the city through one "Giant Panda Avenue". It has now become a wild giant pandas and other rare and endangered animals' important protection base in China and also in the world. There're giant pandas, lesser pandas, black-necked cranes, white storks and white swans, black swans and wild geese, peacocks and other animals and mandarin ducks bred in this base. Now the base, green covered, birds singing flower blossom, fresh air, natural scenery and beautiful wild landscape are everywhere, all kinds of rare and endangered animals are living happily and freely in this nice place.

According to the international successful experience over the protection of endangered rare animals, the giant pandas protection must be in a local and alien protection combination. Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base establishment's purpose and mission is to expand the giant pandas groups kinds through artificial breeding; after the field training and adaptability of the transition phase, finally send them back to nature, helping with the wild population expansion and rejuvenation, maintenance and the improvement of genetic diversity of species to achieve continuation of the species, in the purpose of the realization of panda and human coexistence. To achieve this, the Chengdu City People's Government in March 1987 decided to build the base, and gained the caring and concern from the central, provincial and municipal leaders at all levels, departments concerned and of many people from overseas. With the joint effort of the Ministry of Construction, Forestry Department and the China Zoo Association ,it took more than 10 years that an area of 36.5 hectares' Phrase 1 and Phrase 2 constructions have been completed and gradually improved the research center, modern maternity ward and animal hospitals. In addition, the museum has also built giant panda service facilities such as reception centers.

In the field of artificial breeding of giant pandas, the base has made remarkable achievements. Since 1980, when Chengdu Zoo firstly in the world successfully used frozen semen to breed giant pandas, and based on the original six giant pandas, the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and Chengdu Zoo totally bred giant pandas 36 births, 56 individuals;32 survived in the age of over half year, and now 28 existing.